Refund and Cancellation Policy



We reserve the right to change our charges for using our subscription service(s) or to start charging for any free service. We will give you 5 working days notice of any change in the amount you pay exclusive of government and local taxes, levies or charges. Any change in your subscription will not apply to payments made before the change in our charges.



The point of sale process for all subscriptions is entirely handled by PayPal. Because this process is entirely handled by a third-party company it prohibits us facilitating refunds or indeed checking any personal PayPal subscription details, and therefore we are unable to directly assist you with these types of enquiries.


Monthly Payment Terms

When you subscribe to our monthly service your PayPal or credit card account will be debited on the day you sign up and on each following month.


Annual Subscriptions

The fees for your first year of service will be charged to your PayPal or credit card on the day you sign up, and fees for each additional year will be charged on the annual anniversary of your sign-up date.


How to cancel

If you wish to cancel your annual or monthly subscription you need to email your cancellation request to before the end of the month for monthly subscriptions or the end of the year for annual subscriptions. You need to cancel the subscription within your PayPal account in order for payments to be stopped.


Valid PayPal or Credit Card

You must have a valid PayPal or credit card on file at all times in order to maintain your subscription. Charges are debited in advance on the monthly and annual subscriptions and are non-refundable unless the 30-day refund policy applies.


Support for billing problems

If you have any questions about this Refunds and Cancellation Policy or our use of your personal information, please contact us at RightNow Digital Limited, Kia Oval, Kennington, London, SE11 5SS or email